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10 Mind Numbering Facts About SEO

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an emerging technique for optimizing any website content for better virtual visibility and ranking. It is crucial to produce SEO-friendly content for the survival of any big or small e-commerce business. Here we have listed ten mind-numbing facts about SEO to help you gain a better insight into this digital tool.

1- Off-page SEO is Much More Important Than On-page SEO:

You might be surprised that the pages and web content you create constitute only 25 percent of the Google ranking. What about the rest? The answer is off-page SEO. For this purpose, it is essential to develop backlinks on reputable websites to attain a better ranking on google.

2- Lengthy Content Gets a Better Ranking:

The content which takes more time to write gets better value on Google. For this purpose, try to generate long pages of no less than 1500-2000 words to rank in the top 10 keyword searches on Google. However, remember that content is the king, so do not forget to provide maximum information in your content in limited words.

3- Social Media Engagement is Real:

The content that gets more clicks on social media ensures better audience engagement, ultimately leading to higher rankings. For this reason, every business creates its social media presence to reach a greater audience and generate better revenues.

4- Rich Snippets are Modern Clichés:

Snippets play an essential role in indexing content online; however, maintaining rich snippets on the SERP page was a big thing till the end of the last decade; however, they do not influence Google rankings. So, SEO strategists must understand where to focus in the future.

5- Object Detection for More Robust Ranking:

It is not wrong to admit that Google has its own eyes and ears. Even virtual, though, Google is smart and recognizes the components and objects in the images. Immediate sentiment analysis of the image helps to create thousands of categories for a respective image. Therefore, adding tags and alternate text based on the pictures helps generate metadata of the image catalog.

6- Voice SEO is Fundamental:

Modern technology has also enabled the application of voice command and control over SEO content. Consequently, modern SEO strategists should focus more on voice SEO and start website optimization based on voice searches.

7- Organic Searches Beat Pop-up Ads:

Paid advertisement is a big business for Google; however, you might be surprised to know that the click-through rate of paid advertisements is lower than organic results. The moral of the story is? Even if you are enrolling in PPC campaigns, do not ignore the power of SEO.

8- Globalization vs. Localization:

While the internet removed communication and trade barriers through globalization, the reality is that local SEO is gaining more popularity now. For this purpose, it is vital to prioritize local SEO content to achieve more CTR.

9- Videos on the Homepage Enhance Changes in Organic Clicks:

We all know that Google stands at the top of the search-engine pyramid, but which medium stands next to it? The answer is YouTube. It is the go-to choice for online video marketing and advertisements worldwide. For this reason, it is better to have your presence on YouTube and links to your page on YouTube.

10- Local Optimization and Travel Time:

Local optimization plays an essential role in gaining definitive rankings on Google. The algorithm is simple. For this purpose, Google analyzes the time required to search and reach an event/location and optimizes content based on local SEO.


In a nutshell, all types of SEO are essential to gaining organic traffic on your website. This organic traffic ensures good ranking and profit margins for the business. It is better to follow all the recent developments and the knowledge of updates of the Google algorithm for better results.

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